July Garden Update

It's the beginning of July and the garden is doing amazing.  Ignore the paint bucket in the picture, this is how I transport all my garden tools down to the garden.

Do you remember the fig tree we planted this year?  My has it grown!!!

How about my tiny little strawberry plants?  They are doing amazing!!!  They really love being in the garden.  So do Japanese beetles which took some chomps out of the leaves, but no harm done.

We've picked several zucchini and yellow squash already.  I'm getting all excited for the tomatoes that will be coming soon, as well as the cucumbers.  Look at all the flowers on my cucumber plants!!!

I think next year I'm going to convince DH to let me make this my herb garden and build us an even bigger garden for our veggies.  I could really have some fun then!


a. maren said…
gorgeous garden, i'm jealous! hope you get some good figs, i DREAM of growing my own! some day.
OneRadMother said…
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog - I'm now a follower (should have been for months!). What a lovely garden you have - very jealous! We can't keep the deer out of ours :(
Mandy said…
So very jealous. So far we've only had peas and beans from our garden. The rabbits have helped themselves to every last strawberry that even attempted to grow. Our tomatoes went wild-big surprise-and killed off the peas. Now I'm worried because our two wimpy watermelon plants had a sudden growth spurt and have about 8 blooms on them currently. Ahhhh!

But your garden is looking amazing! I really hope Tom pulls through. Think of all the fun the boys would have getting messy!!
Stephanie said…
Your garden is beautiful! I have so much to do it is truly overwhelming :) Perhaps you have inspired me to get out there!
Alison said…
I'm envious, I wish I had a garden!
Queenie. . . said…
I had a fig tree once, and I was amazed at how fast it grew. I had fresh figs within a year of planting an itty bitty plant. Your garden looks great!
Yum Yucky said…
((sigh)) Your garden is wonderful. I'm a first-time gardener and dealing with some pests. Some type of tiny bugs destroyed by budding pea patch. :(
cat said…
Looking beautiful!
Lookin' good! A third of our garden is herbs and I LOVE it. Fresh basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, mint... you'll love it!
Shell said…
Looks amazing! I wish I had a garden!

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