July Goals Update

Some things are going well toward progressing on my July goals, others I need to work on.  But I'm very very pleased. Crossed off items are done!

  1. Date nights with DH 4 times (currently scheduled on 7/6, 7/14 and 7/28)
  2. Ensure the boys are scheduled for preschool starting the Tuesday after Labor Day (BTW, this is September 5)
  3. Potty training both boys - going very well.  Tommy had a dry pull up this morning and went first thing this morning and kept his underwear dry all morning until I put a pull up on him for nap time.  Liam still needs encouragement, but when he has a success, he's so proud of himself and we show him how proud we are of him.
  4. Make sure Phoebe is doing her summer reading and practicing math skills - Yup.  She's moving forward. 


  1. Write and deliver mid-year reviews - still need to work on.
  2. Hire two new developers (we got the requisitions approved and posted on Friday last week!)  - still working on.  No internal postings yet.
  3. Document new development guidelines - still need to start this.

  1. Ensure finances are in order to pay for school in August 2012 - keeping an eye on the process, but not complete yet.  I've done everything on my side.
  2. Finish pre-work from email
  3. Finishing reading the book Strengths Finder 2.0
  4. Complete the Personal Biography and email to coordinator
Health and Fitness

  1. Get cardio every day - LOL, need to work on this!
  2. Eat very healthy - yup!
  3. Drink 3-20oz bottles of water per day - yup!
  4. Try 4 new healthy recipes - sort of
  5. Menu plan for week - did last week, need to do this week.
  6. Make chiropractor appointment
  7. Make follow up appointment with vein doctor (had one treatment already - looks great!)

  1. Post on blog daily - Need to work on this!
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs - Ditto - needs work.
  3. Meet with Marcia in NYC - Scheduled, need to work out the details.  Can't wait!!!
  4. Find a way to get Tom's old information off his MBA program laptop (power supply died) - Need to take this to the shop

  1. Pay off credit cards with what is coming in from the sale of stock at Tom's old company - Done today!!!!! We are officially credit card balance free!!!!
  2. Create new budget and stick to it! - We just reviewed the budget I created today and think we are both very pleased.  Now I need to help us stick to it!!
  3. Meet with our Financial Planner about the new budget and identify next steps - Just found out our financial planner is leaving his job.  We have been assigned someone new and he'll call us in August to make an appointment.
So encouraging thoughts????  At least I know what I need to be working on!!!


cat said…
Great progress on most!
You're doing great and I can't wait to meet you and Tom. 10 days".......

What time are you guys coming in? Do you want to do something that afternoon too?

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