Menu Plan - Week of July 8, 2012

I'll be updating my July goals later today.  Things are progressing very well.  Part of my goals is to get back to menu planning.  It will help prepare me for the fall when we'll be in school, the boys will be in preschool and I'm starting school again in August.  Plus menu planning saves us money!!!  And keeps me more stress free!  Anyway, we've already eaten through Sunday and Monday.  Was very yummy!

Turkey burger sliders (setup in freezer already)
Asian cole slaw (DH makes this and I need to get the recipe from him!  I'm addicted!)
Grilled zucchini (from garden) with garlic and onions

Personal pizzas (I will admit I had the Boboli brand mini pizza crusts)
Salad - I actually had salad on my pizza.  I put an arugula salad on top of my pizza after I cooked it.

Tuesday - after orthodontist appt (we'll be home by 5PM)
Rotini pasta with pesto (made from the garden's basil), mozzarella cheese cubes and halved cherry tomatoes

Wednesday - crockpot night as we'll be getting back from ice skating practice a little after 6PM
Asian tomato beef with brocolli
Sushi rice
Cucumbers (from a friends garden) in shoyu (fermented soy sauce)

Thursday - need to have dinner at 5PM, so we can leave for ice skating by 5:30
Hot dogs
French fries
Asian cole slaw (made on Sunday)

Friday - DH back from Colorado work trip he's been there all week!
Barbeque chicken
Roasted veggie quinoa salad

Who knows!  DH will be back and we have date night.  Maybe just leftovers before the sitter comes over.


Anonymous said…
yum! i totally have to get back into menuplanning!!!

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