June Goals

I'm getting totally psyched for the month of June!  I'm understanding more about the Beachbody business and have lots to do this month for family, work, fitness and making our house a home!

  • End of school year on June 11!  Ensure I know of all the school events that parents are requested to be at!
  • Boys start sports camps at the YMCA the week after school.  Do they need any special equipment (cleats, where are their shin guards, etc.)? Get used to the schedule with where to drop off and pick up.
  • Plan what we want to do in August for vacation - one or two weeks?  What would our itinerary be if we go to Massachusetts and Maine?
  • Continue reading with the boys and working on math skills (come up with some good games)
  • Date nights with Tom  - this is a habit now, but I'm afraid to drop it from the goals list.

  • Build my Beachbody Coach business - Now I have a month and two challenge pack sales under my belt.  Goal is to get to Emerald by the end of the month.  I need to sign my husband up as a coach and sign up someone else as a coach.  Build a calendar and know who is interested in what:  June 8-12 Coach Sneak Peak, June 15 - 28 Free Butts, Guts and Guns challenge group (I'm doing two exercise videos and two recipes for our team) and a 21-Day Fix Challenge Group (need to have the program and Shakeology) June 28 - July 18.  
  • Blog post 5x a week
  • Get up to date on blog reading on Feedly
  • Get to the office earlier - 8:30 is the target to meet.  I will track this heavily this month.  I have a lot of work at the office going on.

Health and Fitness
  • Finish getting to my goal weight
  • Elliptical 5x per week
  • Daily strength training and stretching
  • Weekly yoga class
  • Menu planning
  • Meal prep on weekends and/or after grocery shopping - make hummus, salad dressing, prep salads, chop veggies

  • Keep the garden and herbs on deck alive!
  • Paint guest room for Phoebe
  • Declutter the garage
  • Clean out the basement - find out what I can sell to the children's consignment vs. donations
  • Clean carpets in house
  • Do our assigned follow ups for the Landscape Designer - our next appointment is 6/24
Do you do work on monthly goals?  How is it going?  I've found it's part of my secret for getting things done and doing more than I ever thought possible!


I could work on getting to work earlier too :) but let's just say my goal is getting to bed earlier.

Heather, have you read Better than Before? If not, buy it through my link on the blog - you will LOVE it! Seriously (have I ever steered you wrong?!)

Heather Wilson said…
Thanks, Marcia! You have never steered me wrong! I did see you talk about that book on your blog and it sounded like a great book. I've now downloaded it to my Kindle reader on my iPad. XOXO

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