Kindergarten Portfolio Breakfast - Liam's Class

Not sure how other twin parents have their children in school, but our school recommends twins be in separate classrooms.  In our case, I think that's been working out fabulously!  Liam used to be so quiet, shy and let his brother talk for him.  Since November being in separate classrooms, Liam is much more able to talk for himself and complain if he doesn't get his turn to talk!

At the end of our elementary school year, there is a Portfolio Picnic at lunchtime, but Kindergarten is still half day, so they have Portfolio Breakfasts.  Both are an event for parents and siblings to come in and see what the students have been working on all year.  Today was Liam's class, so we got to spend one-on-one time with him reviewing some of his work over the school year, hence the term "portfolio".  It was a lot of fun to have him walk us through his writing and he read some of his papers to us.  We also got to start by seeing how they start their day, with the Pledge of Allegiance and going through the days of the week, today's date and some songs on shapes and numbers.

One thing I've noticed that is much different than 9 years ago when our daughter was in Kindergarten.  There are a lot more dads coming with the moms to these daytime school events.  I think it's fabulous!  It's great for kids seeing their dads present at these functions and to feel the support from them, as much as the moms.  It looked like a lot of the dads and moms were in work clothes, so it would be great to think employers are being more flexible for parents to be able to attend these types of events for their kids.

Next Tuesday is Tommy's class Portfolio Breakfast.  I can't wait!


Love your mini-me :)

So nice to have 1:1 time with each child!

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