An Amazing Resemblance

I was at my weekly acupuncturist visit today. I look forward to the time I spend there. It's so peaceful, like my yoga class. Last week's visit included a very strange meeting. There was a woman there last week that looked exactly like my father's mother, Trini. Nonni Trini to me. The resemblance was very striking. She had the same hairstyle, dark brown curls in a short do that you can see it was styled, hazel eyes, Grecian nose, and the same amazing smile. She reminded me of exactly how Nonni looked when I last saw her, which was 1975 and I was four-years-old. She passed away at 48 from lung cancer. With this woman was her husband and daughter. Her daughter had the same strikingly beautiful looks. It's not what one would consider a classic beauty, but I'm awestruck just the same.

I talked to her daughter while Mary, the receptionist, was checking her out. I didn't have the heart to tell her how she resembled my grandmother to a tee. I was still in awe. We talked about what I was being treated for, and how her mother was being treated for back pain. I told Mary when I was checking out. Mary told me the mother was in her late seventies. I couldn't believe it, considering she looked like my grandmother at 48???? Of course, Mary atributed it to that she'd been coming to Chrysalis for many years.

Can you imagine my surprise walking in today and seeing the daughter sitting in the waiting room. I figured she was waiting for her mother, and I told her of the striking resemblence to my Nonni Trini and how beautiful they both were. I showed her a picture of Phoebe on my camera, as I said it was her birthday today. Mary was also coming down to remind me of her mother and what I told her last week. She was waiting for her father who also goes there. Mary told me later that the woman's mother wasn't feeling very well today. I hope she is well, and I hope to see her next week. It gave me a strong sense of Nonni's presence. I do pray to her often to help me with my struggles, especially as she had four miscarriages between my aunt and my father. Maybe this is her way of reminding me she is with me every step of the journey.


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