Where Have I Been?

It's been tough to write this week. I'm coming to the end of my two-week-wait this month. My temps started dropping yesterday, which is really early, but I don't feel AF coming. My PMS symptoms have been lessened a lot the past few months due to the TCM protocol I've been following, so I can't tell if her visit is imminent.

The part that's been weird are the phantom pregnancy symptoms this month. I've been feeling pretty nauseous the past three days, which is weird for me as I hate to have an upset stomach and never had morning sickness with any of my three pregnancies before (including when I had Phoebe). Granted I was on hormone rage with each of those from fertility treatments, so who knows what should happen to me normally. I haven't officially thrown up, but I feel very off in that department. I haven't been eating any different than usual, usual healthy fare. The only thing that's different is that I did have a flu shot on Tuesday morning at work. I've never had one before, but I think I felt this stomach thing before I had the shot. Not sure what my problem is.

I'll probably use the one POAS test I have tomorrow, as I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow at 11 AM. I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm officially due either Saturday or Sunday, not sure as my temps switched over pretty odd this month in my mind.

Did I mention my wedding anniversary is Saturday! So I'm either going to be very happy or cranky. Cranky if AF decides to show between now and then. Happy if I finally get as an anniversary gift what I've been waiting for these many years now.


Monica said…
Keeping my fingers crossed for you...hang in there.
Julie said…
Hoping you guys get the best anniversary present ever devised.

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