Dog as Second Child

I think I came to an amazing realization last night that our dog, Corona, truly is Phoebe's little sister. Here's the events in the past 24 hours that made me realize that I do have a second child already.

Last night, while I'm getting changed out of my work clothes, Phoebe stands onto my bed while dangling her new belt over the side insisting, "I'm fishing for doggies!" while Corona jumps up after the belt. She's truly teasing the dog. We all go downstairs and I start making dinner. I have to keep going in and stopping Corona from trying to steal Phoebe's stuffed teddy bear. Corona is truly teasing Phoebe. This morning, we're waiting for a man to come to measure where we're putting in hardwood floors before we sell the house (don't ask why!). Corona steals a scrunchie out of Phoebe's hair making one of her braids fall out. Get the hair tie from the dog, fix Phoebe's hair. Then they are both waiting by the front door for someone to come. Phoebe because, "Hey, this is exciting!" Corona because, "Hey, I'm following Phoebe everywhere!"

These are typical occurances in our house. I always assumed it was because Corona is still a puppy. Now I'm realizing that Corona and Phoebe have a sisterly relationship going on. Did I mention that when I yell at one of them their names are interchangeable in my brain? "Phoebe, get back here! Sorry, Corona, get back here!"


Mandy said…
She sounds like a great pet. Our dog is like a child as well. She is almost 7 so we don't have the puppy phase to blame either!
BillieS said…
One of my sons says I called him by the dogs name more than I called him by his own name. Actually the dog minded better than he did.
I had a cat before my sister came along, her name was Holly.....
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha.Our pets are like that too.
Emily aka madmommy

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