Real Quick

I have a ton of work to do, so this needs to be quick, but lots to say!
  • A couple that's been looking at our house was supposed to be making a decision last night between our house and another one. Let's hope I hear today that it's ours! Our realtor is on vacation this week (I'm working with his backup this week), and we're going away this weekend, so that should make an offer come in right?
  • Yes, Tom and I are going to Phoenix, AZ this weekend for an awards banquet for his work. They are paying for me! We leave Thursday morning and come back Sunday afternoon.
  • Phoebe will be with her grandparents while we're away, and then they are taking her to Wisconsin to see her new baby cousin and her other cousin that's 6 months older than her. We won't see our little girl for almost two whole weeks. They are picking her up tonight. I will miss her terribly, but I'm going to try to get a lot of things done with work and home, so things will be more normal when she gets back.
  • I'm ordering our Wolf 1 1/2 oven, 6 burner and griddle stove during lunch break today from my new friend, Christine.
  • Tomorrow morning I'll be going into work late, as I need to register Phoebe for Kindergarten.

That's it for now!


emily said…
Come back and let us know when you get the offer!How exciting.Have fun this weekend.
cat said…
Good luck! Hope you get the offer on the house and have a great weekend!

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