It Should Be Official Soon

This has been as bad as dealing with infertility treatments! We signed the contract with some agreed upon changes on Tuesday at 8 AM, but the other party finally signed for the changes last night. They made one last change last night, that is being sent over to us to initial right now via fax. This does still have a 30-day (expires 4/20/06) contingency on them getting a contract on their house. They have to do the home inspection prior to 3/31/06. The closing date will be 5/10/06. The realtor said we should be fine moving all the furniture after the home inspection is over, so I'll be calling to setup a date for the first week of April.

On the other front, AF started today, right on time.... Ack! I didn't expect any different. Tom and I were fighting a lot during the big O timeframe this month. All moving stuff. Just want it to be done. We're all better now.

And we got our Phoebe back on Tuesday night! We missed her so much! It's so nice to have her back with us. She starts her next session of ice skating tomorrow, right after we meet with our accountant...


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