Nice Quiet Day

A nice, quiet day was had by all. We went to the accountant this morning. Lots of fun there. We owe money this year because of the investments we took out to put the downpayments on this house. We're trying to make sure we don't end up owing next year. We're going to be sending the accountant some paperwork to make sure we know if we should pay some extra taxes this year or if we'll be OK.

Phoebe started the new session of ice skating. She was trying out some new skates that someone gave to us for free, but we don't like them. They aren't the "good" skates that have lots of support in the ankles. Her right ankle was giving in after she was skating awhile. I'm going to have her try on the size 2 that I bought second-hand for $30. If they don't fit, she'll go back to renting again. It's only $2/week, and they have very good rental skates.

After that, we went to the old house and loaded up some more basement storage stuff to bring to the new house and started a load of laundry since the washer/dryer are still there. Then we went over to the mall. Tom got a new pair of jeans on sale and a sweater. I got some really nice bra and panty sets at Victoria's Secret. Quite cute aren't they? Then we went to Costco's to pick up some veggies and other food stuffs, back to the old house, tossed the clothes in the dryer and went back to the new house, put away all the stuff, had some dinner (rotisserie chicken from Costco's, roasted potatoes, and steamed baby carrots and sugar snap peas).

I also got to walk the dog three times today. We went down the street and back each time. so total I got to walk about 45 minutes today, which is good for my mental state. I've also been temped to cut off my hair lately. I've been thinking of something like Keira Knightley in "Love Actually." It's not too drastic, but I think a lot faster to dry than all the hair I have now. I might need a straightening iron to get the ends good. Let me know what you think. I know I need to update my picture, but my hair really is the color of hers right now. Hard to believe with the blond pic of me from last summer in the corner. Well it's getting late, and I want to write out some of the moving cards we're sending out.


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