Lots to Say, Not Enough Time

Things have been crazy around here. Still have no offers on the old house. I'm starting to tune it out, as I have lots of other things to get done. Work is really busy, and this week we got a lot of stuff done of canceling the old phone service and cable, moving all our clothes (still no furniture, though) and planning what other things we need to get done. I've had a lot of reasons to write though, so I'm going to ramble through a few of them.

I'm very lucky to have such wonderful women looking out for me. They may no longer be with us on this earth, but they are watching out for me and I'm very grateful. I could use all the help I can get these days. The reason I know this is both my mother and I are having very vivid dreams. Mine are extremely strange, and I try not to remember them. Mom told me one of hers that involved me this weekend, and we both agreed on it's meaning. BTW, Mom and I live 3 hours away from each other, so isn't it weird that we are both having vivid dreams??? Anyway, we were both at my grandfather's 80th birthday party on Sunday, and she told me she had a strange dream that I had died. She said she woke up in her dream in my Noni Trini's house (she died in 1975) and was looking for me. She was talking to Noni who was very calm and said that I had left with my mom's Aunt Joan (she just passed away in fall 2004 from breast cancer) and that Aunt Joan and I had died. My mom said she ran down to my room at Noni's and she could still see that the bed was unmade and the imprint of where I had slept. Noni told her not to be upset and that everything was fine. My mom then woke up. We agreed that the dream was that Noni and Aunt Joan are looking out for me. These two women were very powerful in my life. My Noni watched me everyday until she got sick and passed. All my memories of before I was 4 years old have her in them. Other than my parents, she was the first love in my life. My Aunt Joan was very key in becoming the woman I am today. She used to really push me to be more, study harder, keep on the right track. The other cool thing my Mom said is that when she said she thought the dream also meant that I was going to have a baby. When I told her that we were planning to start the adoption process, she said, "Well, there you are! You are going to have a baby!" Not "Oh, you'll get pregnant on your own then and the dream will be right." It was nice to hear the right answer for a change. That adopting is truly still "having a baby." Glad to know if my mom got it right.

Also, my DH brought me flowers last night. I haven't had flowers since before we got married. Mostly because I told him not to, to bring me chocolate instead. I think I've changed my mind. It was so nice and special to get flowers, and I can really use that uplift these days.

Also, update, I've given up coffee (even decaf) for Lent. Please note, I did not say I've given up caffeine, just coffee. I've been drinking tea lately. I bought some new tea bags last night, they are a vanilla chai. I'm drinking that in the mornings. In the afternoon, I'm drinking green tea. I have 39 more days to go.


Gerah said…
Coffee is a tough one to give up. I still have a cup in the morning even though I'm PG. My husband was a coffee-addict. He drank it all day long at work - recently gave it up and switched to green tea like yourself. It was tearing up his stomach.

I think you're right. Those women are watching over you.
The Queen Mama said…
Of course adopting is still "having a baby!" You're still as much in love with that infant/child! Anyone who says otherwise needs a good swift kick.

Mmm, green tea. We love the flavored ones around here. Our favorite is an orange-passionfruit-something else blend. We call it our "mango-wang-tanto" tea.

Good luck on giving up the coffee! I love the SMELL of it...
I gave up Diet Pepsi (on Jan 1) which was EXTREMELY hard for me. I truly loved the taste. As hard as that was - not sure if I could give up coffee. Vanilla chai tea sounds interesting though.

I'm sure your right that your Noni and Aunt are looking out for you. Glad your mom got interpreted the dream correctly. We all need women in our lives that "get it".
emily said…
Its always so hard for me to decide what to give up for Lent.
Mandy said…
I love your mother's response to your adopting. Perfect doesn't even begin to describe it.

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