Bring it On, I Can Take It!!!

Did you ever have those days or weeks where you feel like your standing in a whipping thunderstorm, screaming to God at the top of your lungs, "Bring it on! I can take it!" That was this week. Very hectic, a total rainstorm of issues, but the weather is nice now, and I'm taking a deep breath of the clean air.

It started with my need to cut off my hair on Monday. I'm so glad I did that. When I said I cut my hair, I meant it. It's above my shoulder now, very Keira Knightley, easy to blow dry. I'm very happy I did that on Monday. I called for a hair appointment that morning thinking I wouldn't be able get in until next week. When they said she was free that afternoon at 4:30, I was ready to scream "Woo hoo!"

Work has been piled on me pretty high since the beginning of the year, which has been tough since I've been distracted with the whole moving and selling of the house thing. So I worked really hard on Tuesday, with the impression that I was going to take Wednesday morning off to get my new PA driver's license, so I can register my car in PA as the DE tags expire 3/31/06! I'm feeling all proud of myself and how I was going to be a bit proactive and had everything planned out.

Then 5 PM on Tuesday hit.

My boss called me first with an issue. He was in Toronto for a business conference and he was getting emails on his Blackberry about an issue in the office that I needed to research, so I start leaving messages for people at work to call me on my cell in order to get more info on the history of the issue.

Then, Tom (DH) calls from home. The dog has a bladder infection. She had an accident in her crate, it smelled horrible, and she was outside squatting every 2 minutes. I wasn't planning on taking her to the new vet until next month when we run out of heartworm medicine. I stop and take a very deep breath .... So I make a phone call to my friend at work who had the new vet recommendation information, get the number, make the call, leave a message, call the old vet about how to make the dog comfortable until I can get her to the new one. The new vet office did call me back and gave me an appointment for 9 AM Wednesday morning, and agreed how to make her comfortable until then.

Next, I get a call from my realtor that someone put a ridiculous offer for our house on paper and sent to him. We're currently under contract with a contingency, so we can still take offers on the house without contingencies. This offer was for $40k less than our asking price and they were only looking to put down a small deposit and they were doing 100% financing with a pre-approval letter from their mortgage company that expires on 4/1/06! I told the realtor I'd call him back in the morning, after I talked to Tom.

The whole way home from work and picking up Phoebe, I'm on my cell phone (I use a headset! Only dial at red lights! I'm a safety girl!). It was truly nuts, but I think I handled it OK.

Wednesday, instead of going to DMV hell, I got to take Phoebe to school, rush back to the house, and take my poor dog to the new vet. Get her squared away with antibiotics, full physical, transfer her records, new heartworm meds (why go back next month?) and we're off to go back home. Then I went to the old house to find my marriage certificate, because I've heard of the DMV asking for them often lately. I haven't seen my marriage certificate since I changed my name on my social security number 11 years ago. I finally found it after looking through 3 boxes of old papers. Then I rush back to work to go to a meeting to test some software.

Thursday, lots of meetings at work, really busy. And I scheduled the moving company to come on Monday (yes, April 3rd!) to move our furniture. The home inspection for our old house was this morning too. We haven't received the write up yet. They might not ask us to do anything. The house is only 11 years old, and we maintained things pretty well.

Friday, went to DMV, got my new driver's license (they never asked for my marriage certificate), got my car registered at auto tag place (no, you don't register your car at the DMV in PA!). I'm now at work. I realized last night that I've gotten a lot done at work lately and my workload is starting to become manageable, which is good since I'll be taking Monday off to move furniture. We have girls night tonight (that would be Phoebe and me), Tom's at school until tomorrow night.

I feel like I've been through the wringer this week, but so much got accomplished! I think I weathered this storm with flying colors. On to the weekend! Monday will be awesome. I can't wait to sit on my couch in my new living room and veg out to movies on my big screen TV.


I always feel like I get more done when things are hectic like. Makes you feel like you've accomplished something. Enjoy your Monday off. Hope your dog feels better.
emily said…
Wow...crazy day!
Crystal said…
Yikes. The DMV sucks. I have a general idea of where our marriage certificate is, but it's in my junk room that should have been a nursery.

Keep on blogging. Your days are intersting to say the least.

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