We Have an Offer!

We have an offer on the old house. It is very attractive (close to our asking price), but there is a contingency on them getting a contract on their old house. It's not from anywhere that we were expecting, so our realtor is calling the other agents to let them know that we've received an attractive offer, but with a contingency. If they want to put in an offer, they need to put it together today. What I mean by not from somewhere we were expecting, is that this is a local family, and we've had a lot of activity from relocations. The people that went to Jamaica and said they would put in an offer when they got back are also a relocation. At first I thought the offer was from the "Jamaica people" as we like to call them these days, but it's not.

Can't wait to see what the next 24 hours brings!


cat said…
Ohhh so exciting Good Luck! *fingers crossed*

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