Post-Long Weekend Updates

The guy never put an offer on the house. He came back late from work and said he was going away the next morning with his aunt and mother and didn't want to rush it. We had more people see the house this weekend, and one couple in particular loved our house, we've been told. We'll see what happens. Our realtor is back from vacation today and he was going to follow up with the realtor of the first party and see when he's getting back from being away and if he still wants to put in an offer.

We had a so-so long weekend in Phoenix. The weather was cold and rainy. It hasn't rained since October last year in Phoenix, and it picked the weekend we were there to do so. Aaaaackkkk! And it was with Tom's work collegues, so it wasn't like we could really let loose or anything. Oh well.

Phoebe's with her grandparents on their way to Wisconsin to see the new baby. She's having a great time. Corona was at a new kennel over the weekend while we were away. She seemed to like it. Was very happy when we got her, but the owner of the kennel loved her of course, saying what a sweet dog she is and she let her run on the farm a bit. She seemed pretty nice. Anyone that likes my husband, kid and dog are OK with me.

BTW, I got some great clothes in Phoenix. I got a Dolce & Gabbana dress. A big first for me! It is so fabulous!!!! Black satin tight dress with lace trim at the waist, built in bra with lace that peaks out of the top of the dress. It is to die for! I also bought this fabulous white number that reminds you of something you would wear in Greece. It'll be a great summer dress to wear out. We had them shipped back, so I can't try them on and enjoy preening in them right now. I have to wait a week until they get here.


Crystal said…
OMG you were in Phoenix. HELLO I live here! When blogland collides.
MoMo said…
Sorry about the house; I hope someone makes an offer soon. Do we get to see a picture of the dress? Sounds fabulous!

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