No News on the House Front

This is worse than waiting for AF to show! Found out yesterday afternoon that they hadn't made a decision as the boyfriend is waiting to find out which of the two houses she prefers. They were strongly leaning towards our house I've been told. Just got off the phone with my realtor and he said that last he heard from the other realtor last night was she was having the power company pull our heat/electric costs. He hasn't heard from her yet today. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Want to guess when I think we'll get an offer?

Phoebe got off without a hitch with her grandparents last night. I miss her already. You get used to the constant happy chatter. It's like my background noise these days. I need my background noise!!! I'm going to try to get a lot done while she's gone, so we can have lots of fun at the new house when she gets back.

Registered her for Kindergarten this morning. Tom could tell I was a little cranky about the whole thing. Mostly I was cranky, not because of giving up coffee, but I get cranky when I want to cry and I'm trying not to in public. How can these people calmly register their kids for school???? I was dying inside. I can't believe she's that old yet.

Oh, and the new love-of-life stove is being delivered next Tuesday!!! I think it's my birthday present, which is two days later. I have to come up with what fantastic 35th-birthday meal I want to make on my new stove!!!


Just wait to you register her for high school! I thought I was going to have to be medicated.

Your new stove sounds wonderful!
BillieS said…
The time flies so fast. Just had a birthday dinner with a 10 year old grandson. 3 more years to being a teenager, 5 more years before he can get a beginner's permit to drive a car and 8 years until he goes off to college. Oops, sorry, I didn't want to make it worse. Just a reminder to cherish each minute.

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