Finding the Passion

We've been very busy the past few weeks. Phoebe starting school, having issues, being grounded, getting through that, having a birthday (very low key), and we're getting ready for a huge surprise party for FIL this Saturday. It'll be about 80 people at our house and we're cooking. I've rented tables, chairs and chafing dishes and we are cooking. But I've been feeling very blah. It sounds wierd, but I'm trying to find the passion back in my life. What am I passionate about? I feel like I've been going through the motions for so long, pushing myself to do each and every little thing. I really can't live this way.

We did have a great weekend for Phoebe's birthday. Friday the 6th was her actual birthday, but Tom was at school. I came to her school with snacks for her Kindergarten class we left when school was over so she didn't go to the Y's aftercare program and we started Girls' Night early. We built things with Legos she got from my parents and read a bit of the first Junie B Jones book also from my parents too. Then we went and got frozen pizza, chicken fingers and pringles to munch on and watched "A Cinderella Story" that has Hilary Duff in it. She slept in my bed and we fell asleep together. Saturday I cleaned and she had a pajama morning. When Tom got back from school in the late afternoon, we went to the mall and got her a small IPod (she really loves it!) and went to the Olive Garden for dinner (she picked). Sunday was the best, we went to the Renaissance Faire all day. Got there first thing 11 AM and left at 8 PM after the final jousting show. We went with another family that we were friends with and they have a daughter Phoebe's age and they got along great.

Well, I'll be working on the passion. This week, I'm going to be trying to push myself to find things that really interest me. I'm going to sign Phoebe up for gymnastics on Thursday evenings. She's been asking for that. I'm going to see what kind of things I should be doing. I really know I have nothing to complain about, but I hate that feeling that I'm going through the motions.


Jenny said…
I can totally relate to this post. And then I watch the news and realize how good my life is but I still feel...I don't know...blah.

Sometimes it's hard to capture than excitement for life again...unitl some little thing happens that clicks it all back into place.

Here's hoping your click is right around the corner.

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