If You're Not Sure of Passion, Just Stay Busy

Really busy, busy day today. Work is slamming me since I'll be at a conference out of town the beginning of next week. We're have a lot to do before the birthday party for FIL on Saturday. I need to finish the living room curtains tonight. I just love sewing two stories worth of fabric four times over (sarc). I did finish one of the four panels last night, though and it looks awesome! I have to finish them tonight, because I have to finish cleaning tomorrow night and we're going grocery shopping for the party on Thursday night.

DH is also really busy between work, hanging a 5' hand-carved wood medallion from Thailand over the fireplace mantel. It used to be in our bedroom at the old house, but our new bedroom while roomier, doesn't have a wall to put it on that makes sense. He got the middle piece hung up last night and I can tell it's going to look so cool.

Well I have to go as I'm still at work at almost 6 PM. Tom picked up Phoebe since work is slamming me, but those curtains won't sew themselves!


I'm impressed you're as far along as you are - we've been in our house 2 years now and I'm still "making curtains". I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate it if I'd get my thumb out.

Your party sounds overwhemlming but fun - I'm sure it'll be a blast.

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