Passion #1 - Music

As the days go by and I'm trying to push myself into remembering what I'm passionate about in life, I'm going to record them as I find them.

I got the family room curtains finished last night. They look gorgeous. Having beautiful fabric hanging on walls really warms a room up. Tom also finished hanging up the 5' hand-carved Thai wood medallion on the wall over the fireplace. The room looks fabulous.

In order to keep myself motivated sewing the curtains, I brought DD's Barbie CD player into the room I'm sewing in and played really upbeat music. I went through The Indigo Girls, Erasure, and lots of The Beatles. Can't go wrong with The Beatles. The room I was sewing in has no blinds or curtains and it's on the first floor with bright lights. I can imagine what the neighbors thought as I was bopping away until midnight sewing up a storm. I picked that room as it has the most space and bright lights to work in. My sewing room will be in the basement once we finish it. I'll have to make sure I have a good sound system down there when we set it up.

Countdown to party on target. Next steps: Tonight - clean house after Phoebe's ice skating class; Tomorrow - grocery shopping (ACME and Costco in one night). Whew!


Good for you!!

My sewing room has an awesome sound system, TV and DVD player - you never know what mood you're going to be in.

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