Long Overdue

I've been having a hard time posting lately. Just trying to find the time. Very, very busy, but also still figuring lots of things out. My temps have been all over the place. I have no idea what's going on. The herbalist that I talked to did recommend another TCM practicioner/acupuncturist, but I'd rather wait until after the holidays because of the cost.

I have been able to get back on my exercise program again, being able to go down to the basement to use the elliptical machine a few times a week and practicing yoga a few times a week on my own or with a DVD. So I should have no complaints there.

I just have so much to get done and have periods of not wanted to do any of it, but escaping with some Bridget Jones fan fiction, TV, or what have you. I need to get the better of this. I know it's my Pisces nature that I need to keep myself on track.

Anyway, I made a lovely dinner last night. It was simple and not necessary health food, but very good. It was crab cakes and french fries. But these were awesome crab cakes... no mayo in the recipe and very little breading. Both Tom and Phoebe thought they were fantastic. I also baked a from scratch carrot spice cake in a pumpkin shaped cake pan last night. We're going to ice and decorate it tonight for dessert. I bought cream cheese to make homemade cream cheese icing (my favorite!) and Phoebe wants me to color it orange and decorate a jack o' lantern face on it. Why not?! Sounds like fun!


Happy Halloween Heather! Your cake sounds fantastic. I haven't had crab cakes in YEARS - they sound wonderful.

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