Day 1 Update

Not cycle day 1, but Day 1 of "new and improved being good to me." I behaved on my diet all day, eating foods that are good for me. No dairy, no wheat. I will admit I had a few bites of a Power Bar I like as a snack and then realized that it has some dairy products, so I threw it out and I'll leave those to DH to eat. They are good for him when he's on the run traveling for work. I worked out on the elliptical machine at home and did some yoga stretches. A lot of what I'm re-reading in The Infertility Cure is about how my type worries too much and doesn't have enough physical activity as an outlet. So I'm not over-exercising, but 30 minutes on the elliptical machine followed by some relaxing yoga and meditation will help. Then we watched the final season episode of Rome. God, I love that show. Can't wait for the next season! But that had me up late to watch that, so it was about midnight when I went to bed. I also did some acupressure before I went to sleep, so all in all, I think yesterday was a good day taking care of me. I also did setup an appointment with the new TCM guy for April 12th and I did order the imagery CD I mentioned in my last post.


Anonymous said…
I hate to break it to you, but that last episode of Rome was not a season finale, but a SERIES finale. That's the end of that show. It was awesome and I will miss it.

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