Weekend Updates

What a wild ride this weekend! Apparently DH updated his reading my blog on Friday, and of course, I got in trouble, but I think we worked it all out for now. Of course it had to do with baby making. He thinks I'm obsessed, because that's all he reads on here. As I explained that this is the purpose of my blog as I don't discuss or write any of this stuff anywhere else. This is my outlet for baby making thoughts. Plus, he's not crazy about the thought of going back to the doctor. It was crazy when we've done that before, but as I explained and it took all weekend to sink in, I've changed a lot of things in my life and diet since the last time we were at the doctor and I have a better feeling about it working this time. But I also had to explain that I'm not ready to jump back in again on that front. I want to get some more finances cleaned up first as well as continuing to clean up my health. We also talked about how he is still ambivilent about me getting pregnant versus adoption (he'd rather adopt at this point). He said he knew how much I liked being pregnant, but that from his perspective he was worried all the time. I think this conversation (which were really multiple conversations during the weekend) were good. He understands where I'm coming from and I understand him. But it sounds like he's willing to try the doctor route one more time again, if it comes to that.

On the other side, I bought PreSeed on Friday. It should come in soon, which is good because I'll need it towards the middle to end of this week. I also bought a yoga video package on Amazon when I ordered the PreSeed. I'm so excited to get this in. I've been wanting to see B.K.S. Iyengar in action for a long time. And to have this many of his classes in one place!!! I'm calling it my little birthday splurge.

So I'm definitely going to fully go for it and devote my heart to this desire to be pregnant again. I know my next hurdle is giving up wine and making sure I'm really careful on what I'm eating. I want to have more time to relax with yoga and visualization exercises. Phoebe's starting to be interested in having a little sister again, but we've mostly talked about adoption. I asked Phoebe how she would feel if I ever had a baby in my belly (careful to let her know this wasn't true). She said "I'd jump up and down and scream 'Hooray!'" You and me both, baby.


Crystal said…
I would jump up and down too...I'm with Phoebe.

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