I really need to get better about posting in my blog more often. We had a good weekend, now to be followed by a hectic week. This weekend we watched V for Vendetta. Great movie, really blew me away. Kind of like the first time I watched the first Matrix movie. I wasn't that crazy about the other two Matrix movies, but the first time I watched the first one, I was left with this amazing "Oh, my God!" feeling. I like that. The other thing on TV that always gives me that feeling is the mini-series on HBO, Rome. We watched this week's episode last night. Only two more episodes till the end of this season. I will be so sad. It's the only thing I get excited to watch on TV. I must be the wierdest person in America for not being so "American Idol" crazy and loving a show like Rome. I cried last night when Pullo's wife died in childbirth because that bitch slave put something in her tea. Of course, she seems to have gotten away with it.

I've been getting very anxious the past two days. I know it's because I feel that there is so much that I want to get done, but my time is limited this week. I have a lot of work to do before I go out of town tomorrow. I'm going to Cary, NC for some meetings at SAS. Tom got his annual bonus info yesterday. We wish it was more considering everything he did last year, but it is still pretty good. We have a lot of practical plans to do with it, but then I hope to start planning our vacation to Disney World in September. Phoebe will be so happy. I think it's every kid's dream to go there. I'm glad we can have it with her. Then once taxes are over, we'll decide about going back to the doctor if nothing's happened by then. I'm hoping something does. I'm very hopeful about this month. We used PreSeed and the timing was perfect, even though it was only once. I do plan on testing early this month. I will not be waiting for my due date. I'm thinking to test starting Day 11 or 12, which would be a week from today.


Bonsai said…
Hope your meetings went well & you got all your stuff done. I agree, every little girl should go to Disney if you are able. Have a great weekend! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP this month.

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