More Last Weekend Craziness

Last weekend had even more craziness to it, but I still had some more processing in my brain to do before I could write about it. It's also something I never really discuss with DH ... my past and I know he does read my blog sometimes (obviously from my last post). We ran into my ex-boyfriend's older brother and his wife when we were out at a club with friends. It was very disturbing for me as it reminded me of the most difficult time of my life. The ex I speak of and I lived together for a few years. It was understood by everyone that we would eventually get married, but then I came to a realization that we were not right for each other. He could never understand me and what made me think the way I do. Trying to break up was very difficult. It was like I lost all of my friends and family as well as the friend I had in him. His family was like my family and all of our friends stayed his friends. The meeting with his brother and wife last weekend was awkward, but nothing mean or a scene made. We spoke briefly twice, but the second time we talked, we needed to leave with our friends. I understand now we may run into each other again, as they did know some of our friends. I'm sure I can handle it much better the next time. Although, DH did say that he couldn't tell it bothered me at all. I hide my true feelings very well.

On other news, my temp went up this morning as expected, so I'm now in the two week wait. We didn't have a huge quantity of BDing this month, but I think the timing was perfect and the PreSeed arrived in the mail in time to be used. We'll see what happens.


Trace said…
Hi Heather,

Thanks for you comment on my blog. I notice that you live in Landenberg...that is in Chester County? Near all the beautiful new construction? I'm in Delco.

Wow, I mentioned to my husband that I have a blog, but I don't know that he has read it. Of course he could go to my laptop and easily find my shortcut. Anyway, that would really color what I wrote in it.

Good luck w/trying to conceive.
Lauren said…
I can see how that would be strange but it sounds like you handeled it well.
Good luck for these 2 weeks.

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