NC Trip Update

I have lots of updates! But we'll start with the oldest info, my trip to Cary, NC. The trip was good, but flying was a nightmare, both ways. When we were leaving, I got to the Philly airport early, but hit a massive rush at both ticketing and then security. I had to ask some people in line at security if I could move ahead because my flight was boarding. They let me through, but then I still had to run all the way from security to the gate. I was the last person on the flight. Coming home our flight was delayed 5 hours beause the plane had a mechanical issue and was being repaired. We were able to get on an earlier flight, but then our baggage didn't make it on our flight and we had to wait for the next flight to come in and it was on that flight.

The trip once we were there went well. We saw the presentations we came to see and the vendor took us out for a really nice dinner. I was so tired, though I couldn't sleep. I was afraid I wouldn't wake up because that day I woke up at 3:45 AM to get ready to leave and then we got back to the hotel from dinner at 11:30 PM! I woke up about three times that night jumping up to look at the clock to make sure I didn't sleep through the alarm.

The other funny thing was the last presentation the vendor gave us had nothing to do with what we do or need, so I got some daydreaming time in. I haven't been able to do something like that in ages. I was able to come up with several ideas for writing some of my own Bridget Jones fan fiction, so maybe one of these days I'll get around to writing it.

My next post will be about my fabulous birthday this past Friday!


Lauren said…
Happy Belated Birthday!

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