Cereal and Smiles

I got a good night sleep on Friday when Leo came home and took care of the boys. Yesterday was such an awesome day. Liam gave me his first smiles and that made me very happy. Tommy has been smiling for weeks now and is always so happy. Liam always seemed too serious, so to see him give me happy smiles from Mommy kisses was wonderful!!!!

The boys also started rice cereal last night. I wanted to give it a try with Tommy as he's been seeming ready, but I didn't think Liam would be. Funny thing is Liam liked it even more than Tommy did. They both seemed to like cereal, but Tommy got tired and just wanted his bottle, LOL. Their sleeping still stinks. Tommy woke up at 11 PM and they both woke at 2:30 AM and 6:30 AM. Hopefully they will start sleeping for longer stretches at night soon, as we're really sleep deprived around here!


Martha said…
Yipee for a good night's sleep! Your boys sound so precious and growing fast.
nancy said…
GO LIAM!!! First smiles are awesome. Finally caught up to his brother, eh?

Did you take pictures of their first bite of cereal? I want to see them if you did, I love seeing baby's first reactions to foods.

p.s. -- it's so awesome Star Wars was both our first movie! How old are you? I was born in 1972, so I was only 4-5 when I saw it.

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