Capturing the Smiles and Matchy Matchy

Sunday I spent a lot of time taking pics of the boys (and getting Leo ready to fly to the Left Coast for the week, sniff!). Some of them came out really really good. Enjoy!

Phoebe loves her brothers. She even said they are cute when they are crying. Here's her on Sunday morning with Liam.

Here's my attempts at capturing their smiles and their gorgeous eyes. Here's one of my favs of Liam. He's going to be such a ladykiller with those eyes!

Here's a real smile from Liam!

Below is a smile from Tommy. These happen all the time, but it was challenging to get it on camera...

Another pic of Tommy's cuteness

I was able to capture a pic of both boys in matching clothes (love these outfits!) with somewhat of smiles on their faces


Martha said…
You and Leo sure have some Beautiful kiddos!! The boys are so cute and getting So Big!! Phoebe w/her baby bro is so precious. My best for a safe trip for Dh to the Left Coast.
Hilary said…
Aww!!! The pictures are toooo sweet! The smiles are PRECIOUS and the big sissy picture is great :)
Rumour Miller said…
I love the matching outfits... huge fan of that.

The boys are gorgeous! Love the one of Phoebe.
cat said…
Oh they are just adorable.
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Awe! Too cute!

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