Gratuitous Baby Pics

For those of my readers that love pics of the boys (hi Nan!) here is your payoff. We got to take this pics one day after we took the boys swimming, so they had their eyes open for a change. I really love how they turned out.

By the way, the shout out is to my Nana Smith. She’s a great grand-mom to three now (all mine bwaha ha ha). I did get your card and the two blankets your friend made. I promise to send her a thank you card straight away. We’re working on a day that we can come up to visit for the day to see you. I have to do the same for Poppy too!

Things are so hectic with the boys and I go back to work next Tuesday. I took the boys to work today for their one and probably only visit when they are babies. I’m going to be so busy when I get back to work. But we were joking at work that I’m happy to come back to work so I can relax! They definitely are not sleeping through the night, but who can be upset about that when it’s these adorable faces that wake you up? So I’m extremely sleep deprived (coffee is my favorite new food group!) but so so happy!!! My family is complete now. Fifteen years of trying to make babies and I have the best three children in the world (to me)!

Tommy (close up - see blue eyes?)

Liam (close up - see more blue eyes?)

More Liam cuddle-bug cuteness

My little brick wall (remember me when you have season tix to the football team you are on!)


Leigh said…
Hi Heather

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I haven't replied because I see you haven't ticked the email box in your blogger profile. It will make it really easy to have a conversation :)

When you said the schedule only kicks in at 3 months, did you mean 3 months from the twins birth, or 3 months from their due date?
Martha said…
They are beautiful, they have your blue eyes, but looks so much like Daddy!!! Thanks for sharing, also stopping by my blog. Best Wishes as you transition back to work.
Piccinigirl said…
they are gorgeous,,OH my...what pictures!
they are miracles and soooo handsome.
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Great pics! You can really see how they look so different! Beautiful eyes on both!
Deanna said…
I clicked over from Leigh's blog and just thought I would say hello to a fellow mom to new twins! Your boys are adorable, and yes, he looks like a brick wall! : ) (Oh, and I felt the same way when I went back to's definitely the downtime during my day!!!)
cat said…
Oh these are so very very cute.
These are such adorable pictures! I'm now inspired to go take about 10,000 more of my little one. Cannot get enough.

And a huge congratulations on achieving the family you've wanted. Like you, I will never take for granted what a gift that is.
Anonymous said…
So cute! Are you going to invite me over to meet them?
The Nanny said…
They are UNBELIEVABLY cute, seriously!!!
sara said…
Oh my goodness - I love their little expressions! Those eyes are adorable as well :-)

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