Current Routine of Craziness

I think I do prefer the term "routine" to "schedule" for babies. I decided to go ahead and brave Murphy's Law and document what our days seem to be like. I will also say that the boys didn't really start taking a full 6 oz in their bottles until 2 weeks ago when they started cereal.

5-7 AM - Babies wake up sometime during this time frame to have their first bottle of the day. They usually drink about 6 oz of soy formula at this time.
7 AM - Phoebe (our 3rd grade daughter) wakes up and gets ready for school.
7:45 AM - Get Phoebe on bus for school.
8 AM - I usually leave work at this time and the boys are still awake and playing with their Aunt Nicki. Sometimes they start their morning naps early, but most of the time their playing.
9-11 AM - morning naptime
10 - 11 AM - babies wake during this time for another bottle of soy formula after their morning nap. We setup 6 oz, but they may only take 5 oz.
11 AM - 12:30 PM - Playtime. Nicki sometimes takes the boys outside or for a walk in their stroller if it's nice outside.
12:30 - 3 PM - afternoon nap
3 - 4 PM - afternoon bottle - 6 oz soy formula
4 PM - Phoebe is home from school, has a snack and starts homework. Tuesday and Wednesday I have to be home from work by this time to get Phoebe to her afterschool activities (ice skating and CCD classes - Catholic education classes)
5:30 PM - other days I'm home around this time, get changed, start dinner and give the boys rice or oatmeal cereal mixed with the stash of frozen breast milk I have. They just started cereal two weeks ago.
This is where our routine gets fluid depending on how fussy the babies are. This is a horrible time of day. Hopefully the babies will do a small evening nap after their cereal so we can relax and eat dinner. Otherwise, we're trying to eat and hold fussy babies.
After our dinner the babies go immediately to a bath, bottle (usually a full 6 oz.), and bed. I try to do this as efficiently, but as fun as possible. It's hard for it to be fun if they are being fussy.
8 - 9 PM - Boys in their crib for the night.
9 PM - Phoebe's bedtime. We're trying to read New Moon from the Twilight series together before bedtime. She wants us to finish the book before the movie comes out in November.
9 - 10 PM - I try to get a few things done to make the morning easier - setup the coffee pot, make sure the kitchen is cleaned up, and pick out my clothes for tomorrow. This week with Leo out of town, I just want to curl up and go to bed, LOL.

Middle of night - I have found that Tommy (who is 15 lbs!) does wake sometimes in the middle of the night, but he's not hungry. He needs to be burped usually, or he's having a hard time settling back to sleep. I've been doing this quietly and hopefully quickly. Liam is smaller than Tommy (he's 13 lbs) may wake in the middle of the night because he's hungry every now and then. He's a good sleeper and even seems to be able to soothe himself if he wakes up in the middle of the night. BTW, I'm doing some vigorous knocking on wood here. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by making any statements here!


Martha said…
Your Boys are so Adorable and I like routine too. I mean you and I have routines, same w/Phoebe and our Dhs, a schedule is like a game schedule or something.
Thanks for your supernice comment about my boys, made my evening!! And tomorrow too!!
I liked reading this -- it's really interesting for me to see how families get their routines going on. Evenings around here can be the most stressful part of the day if the baby gets his 'fussy' on. I really miss being able to wind down gradually before bedtime.

LOVE that you read the Twilight books with your daughter. What a fun, cool ritual!
Lauren said…
That is definitely one busy schedule. While I don't have the babies I feel that busy but I am sure I am self imposed busy. ;-)

Also just a warning that the final book, Breaking Dawn, does have some more adult portions if you haven't read it yet.
Leigh said…
I'm sure you didn't jinx it LOL

Thanks for posting this - I am so laid back about the schedule which is fine now but not when I go back to work. need to get my act into gear!!!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like things are going beautifully! ;) ((hugs))
wenn said…
hi..that's quite tedious anyway enjoyable..
Anonymous said…
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Deanna said…
That sounds a lot like our schedule, except some days there are no naps to be seen! : ) Ours is also more of a "routine," than a fixed time schedule. I have found that even if we are at my mom's or on a different time frame than usual, they still know what to expect because of the routine. If it weren't for that, we would never be able to do anything!!
cat said…
Oh girl, yes , we lead crazy lives. I remember those super fussy late afternoon, early evenings. I think those were the hardest times ever. Ok, maybe not sleeping for two weeks were, but still..
Anonymous said…
You made me tired... Now I KNOW why we haven't gotten together. Maybe in a few months we can round up some babysitters and go drink some vino :-).

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