Work and Sleep Updates

Work seems to be going well. I think having going from one to three children so quickly has made me more efficient now that I'm back to work. I don't have time for idleness when I'm here at work, so I think I'm getting more done in less time. I get in, get to work immediately and I want to go home as soon as possible!

Some days have been tough due to the lack of sleep. Tuesday I overdosed on coffee and had an anxiety attack on the drive home from work. Leo took Phoebe to ice skating that afternoon and let me take a bit of a nap before the boys would want their dinnertime cereal, which they are very much enjoying. They are each having 1/4 cup of cereal mixed with breastmilk every evening around 5:30 - 6:00. They then get a bath every other night and their final bottle around 6:30 - 7:00 and we put them to bed for the night around 8 PM. This was the kind of routine we had for Phoebe when she was a baby and it seems to be working well for "the boys" too. They still wake up most of the time anytime between 1 AM up to 3:30 AM, but every now and then we get the blessed 5:30 AM, which to me is sleeping through the night.

And Liam did do this last night, but I don't count on it happening again tonight. He actually woke up at 5:45 AM with some assistance from me. He was stirring a bit in his crib and eating his hands, but he wasn't out and out crying for a bottle, but I wanted to get in the shower at 6AM, so I went and got his bottle ready and when I picked him up out of his crib, he woke up and was ready. He was so ready, he downed 5 oz of formula, which is a new high for him! We did increase the boys bottles last night to 5 oz for Liam and 6 oz for Tommy. They might not take that much at every feed, but I like to have it ready just in case. Tommy did wake up at 3:30 AM last night and Leo fed him. He took the whole 6 oz, so we made the right decision to put more in the bottles.

I need to update with pictures this weekend and I want to weigh the boys tonight and see how much bigger they've gotten recently. They seem to be growing in leaps and bounds, especially Tommy. Tommy is starting to look much older than Liam because of his growth pattern. Tommy is starting to outgrow 3-6 month clothes already and they are not 4 months old yet! Especially in the length he needs more room. His footsie pjs are getting too tight down where the feet are and we have to really yank on his onsies to get them to pull all the way down his body. Guess I better pull out the 6-9 month size clothes out for him. In a way, it's not bad since then we don't have to share the same size clothes for both of them. Liam still has a way to go before he outgrows 3-6 months. I just feel bad for Liam. He looks so small next to his brother, but Liam is a normal size for his age. He just has a really big big-brother.

Liam is still very very serious! I tell Leo that Liam has his personality - very serious and doesn't smile very often. But, I can say that I can usually make Liam smile. Mommy's have that kind of power and yesterday I could consistently get Liam to smile for me. I impressed myself. I also do wonder though if it's my personality, because my parents used to tell me that I didn't smile much as a baby. They used to call me "Miserable Minerva". Now I smile all the time. How could I not when I feel like I've gotten what I've wanted all these years. Of course Tommy smiles all the time, when he isn't hungry, LOL. He seems to think life is one big party! And it just is, isn't it?


Heather said…
Glad everyone is doing so well!! They DO grow up too fast!
Martha said…
They sound so precious, Liam is a deep thinker it sounds like. Tommy is Mr.Happy Go Lucky, both boys sound adorable and growing so fast. My best to you all!

P.S. Sammy, our 11 y/o built the 3,000 plus piece Eiffel Tower lego set in three days. We love legos!!
Billie said…
Ahh, the smiles. How wonderful. Enjoy.
BTW, my Mommy experience was that you can't count on babies to sleep through the night until they are about 12 pounds.
Martha said…
Thanks so much for stopping by The Motivation Station - looking forward to you joining us on the challenges!
The other Martha :-)

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