First Day of School - 3rd Grade!!!!

Yesterday was Phoebe's first day of 3rd grade!!! And in our school district that is in a different school, they call it the Intermediate School and it goes from 3rd to 6th. 7th and 8th is the Middle School. Such a big girl. I miss having her here with me all day, but I go back to work next Tuesday. My SIL is going to be at the house taking care of the boys. She's watched a lot of the kids in the family and has experience with twin babies when she was a nanny for a friend of the family.

Blogger (or my Internet connection, I'm not sure which) has been giving me a hard time uploading pictures today. Of course it is on the day that I have lots of pics to post.


cat said…
Blogger is being a right royal pain in the @#$ today! She looks so cute. Congratulations.
Martha said…
Congrats to your big girl!! Best Wishes for a wonderful school year.

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