In Praise of Dr. Brown

I usually don't give product endorsements, but I have to say Dr. Brown's bottles are amazing!!!! When the boys came home we used the same bottle brand that we used with Phoebe. I will not mention which as they are perfectly fine bottles, except for projectile vomiters and fast eaters like our boys. They took in too much air with their feed and they were fussy and especially Liam would throw up through his mouth and nose!!! Ewwwww....

One of the twin mamas at my office told me to try Dr. Brown's bottles and that they were a godsend to her with one of her twins that was a big spitup'er. I went out that same day and bought a starter pack and they've been awesome! That was the first night Liam ever slept through the night. He didn't keep it up the next night, but the boys have been so much more comfortable and spitup has been greatly reduced around here. I must say I will be recommending these bottles to all pregnant friends.


Martha said…
Thanks for the info, Heather.
Anonymous said…
That's the type we use too. I had a hard time choosing and they have so many pieces but she hardly has any gas :-).

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