I Survived This Weekend!!!

Wow!  What a weekend!  I don't know what to do other than give it to you in chronological order with all the fun details.

Friday night we went out to a great French bistro restaurant in Philly called Zinc.  The food was amazing!  The wine was amazing.  I say if you are in the Philly area and want to try the best yet unpretentious French food in the area, make a reservation and get thee to this place!  It was by far the best restaurant I've ever been to and had the best service.  Our server actually recommended the white wine - a wonderful white Bordeaux which is my current favorite wine nwo.  I have a case on order from my local wine shop.  It's very reasonably priced when you're not at a restaurant markup price.  I also highly recomment their private label French sparkling wine.  We had it with our appetizers and it was very very good.

Saturday we ran errands getting ready for our daughter's sleepover party that night.  She has one friend with peanut allergies, which was much easier to prepare for than the friend with the gluten-free diet.  Thankfully, we planned individual cheese pizza's for the girls and the gluten-free girl we bought a frozen individual pizza that met her needs and then it looked just like everyone else's.  For Sunday breakfast we had my pumpkin pancakes, sausages, bacon and scrapple (I love scrapple!) and we did have gluten-free bisquick for the one girl.  Everything looked the same, but was slightly different. I quietly made sure the one girl knew what was hers and that it was taken care of. 

Saturday night, the girls did not sleep of course.  Us parents were upstairs watching TV and keeping an eye on what they were up to.  We fell asleep for a bit and then when I woke up at 2:15 AM from the little catnap, I talked to the girls about settling down (they had an obstacle course setup on the first floor of the house, LOL!) and I think they all fell asleep in the living room setup we had for them with the couches and air mattresses around 3 AM. 

Sunday morning, we had coffee and got the girls waking up and getting them breakfast before their parents came around 11 AM to pick them up.  After the pickups, we then had to get ready with what Phoebe was going to wear for cotillion that night as they were having a 1950's dress up party that night.  At first Phoebe said she was going to wear capris, a blouse and a high ponytail, but at the last minute she wanted a poodle skirt.  Please note that earlier that week, she definitely refused to wear a poodle skirt.  So we make a quick run out with the boys, Phoebe and her one friend left to the Halloween store and got the skirt.  She then wore a black shirt I had that was perfect to go with it and had the high ponytail with a scarf tied around it.  She looked awesome!!!  I then had to feed her an early dinner, get her dressed for cotillion, drop her friend off at home on the way and while she was there I went out for sushi with two of the other cotillion moms. 

After I got her home and in bed, I immediately fell asleep.  I now think I need a few days off work to "recover" from my weekend.


sounds like a busy but good weekend - pics of Phoebe please? :)
JEN said…
I love wine :)
As a gluten free person, I thank you for having things for the little girl that can't eat like everyone else. That was very thoughtful!

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