Pics from the Weekend

BTW, we did get a phone call from the gluten-free girl's mom on Monday after school thanking us for handling her daughter's diet restrictions so easily and making her seem like she was eating what everyone else was eating.

Here's a pic of the girls all asleep at 9 AM on Sunday morning.  Phoebe is the one on the left air mattress that looks like she's running in her sleep.

And here is Phoebe in her 1950s finest for the cotillion party that Sunday night.

And yes, I'm a Yankee that makes her daughter do cotillion.  It's the only thing we've not given her a choice on.  This is her first year and I think we'll do it again next year.  For those that don't know what cotillion is, it's a very Southern USA thing where children are forced to dress up (boys must wear suits and girls must wear skirts that are not more than 2 inches above their knee) and learn to dance ballroom dances such as the Rumba, waltz, cha cha, etc. and learn about table manners, how to make a good first impression.  It's really dancing and social graces.  I never got to do any of those things and I think it will make her more confident in the future.  Hope everyone enjoys the pics!


Aww! That slumber party picture brings back such happy memories of my own childhood. Sleepovers are so magical. I am impressed everyone was still asleep at 9!

Your daughter is so cute -- and becoming such a little lady, too!
Mandy said…
Phoebe's leg looks impossibly twisted!

I seriously wouldn't mind cotillion for myself. I couldn't agree more about it building confidence. I really think it something I'm going to tuck away for later!
she looks adorable - thanks for the pic!

And I think it's a fabulous idea - love the idea of social graces, very Southern (at least my idea of Southern) :)

ps my word verification is eyspa - do you think that's a sign? lOL

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