Life Updates And Toddlers in the Tub!

Feeling minorly overwhelmed right now.  There is so much I need and want to get done.  I'm hoping to have time to do it all.  I keep making my lists and then I get distracted by my daughter getting sick, working from home and having a toddler or two come over to me and the computer, a husband that needs to talk about something, etc.  I know things are moving in a forward direction, but I'm having such a hard time not feeling that I wish I was getting things done faster and able to avoid distractions.

On another note, I recently read Julie and Julia and I have to admit I liked the book much better than the movie.  In the movie, I thought Julie was kind of whiney and Julia Child saved the movie.  The book is much different.  I can completely get into where she is in her mind.  Did you know the book character Julie has PCOS and part of her issue that drove her to cooking was doctor's telling her that she better try to have children now because of her "syndrome" before it's too late?  It almost made me want to do my own project, but I'd cook my way through "The Girlfriends' Guide to Macrobiotics".  Hmmm... That does give me some good ideas.

But one of the things I've been doing that's good for me is P90X.  It's an exercise program of videos and it is kickass!  I'm on week 3 of the 90 day program, but I will admit I haven't exercised the 6 days a week they want you too.  Somedays I'm just way too tired.  So I only got 5 days in the first week and 4 days in last week, but I'm feeling much stronger and do feel overall that I have more energy.

So that is my word that I'm focusing on right now - Energy!  I want more of it!  I'm going after it!  I have been doing Marcia's Time Management sheets and it does help.  I think I'm just asking too much from myself, but what's wrong with that???

To end with the really joyful part, here's some latest pics of the boys.  They've started scrunching up their faces when they do smiles for pics.  Here they are in my bathtub hamming it up

Then I took pics of them in their tubby that night.  Here's Tommy with a big grin for the camera:

Here's Liam with a big grin and Tommy checking out the water or something on his hand:

Love them so much!  Could just cuddle them forever, but they would just push out of my lap, LOL!


Mandy said…
They look soooo big! When did that happen?

I can commiserate with feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished. The shorter days are really starting to get to me, once the sun is down I'm ready to settle for the day but it's only 7! Kudos for P90X, I'm very intrigued but totally lack the dedication. I wish I had your commitment!
Love the pics!

And thanks for posting them - now I don't feel guilty about another photo shoot I'm having done on Sat next week. Because if this is in my future I want plenty of good pics while it lasts.

glad you're using the TMPP! I love hearing when people use my stuff. And if you're getting 5 - 6 things done off your list daily, you're doing WELL. Just make sure at least 1 is a FROG :)
Miss Mac said…
Thanks for the comments on my blog... time is flying looking at your sweet boys, they are growing so fast. Beautiful family, good look with your to do list!
Those pictures are great!

You're doing p90x? I have heard good're going to be the hottest hottie!
The boys in the tub in clothes on is such a cute picture!!

I totally feel overwhelmed too. Going to check out that time mgt link on Marcia's blog... Thanks for posting it!

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