Updates and Pics

Wow!  It's been a long time.  I'll try to get better, but things have been very busy lately in a good way.  We've been working hard at living intentionally.  Doing things around the house and having good family fun.  We went to the Renaissance Faire this past weekend.  Here's a pic Phoebe took of the boys and I with a knight.  Tom was off in a long line for a pint of beer, LOL!

Phoebe also had her 11th birthday and got braces.  Here you can see both!

And a few weeks ago we went to a wine tasting, corn maze, fall fun stuff for kids to do at a local vineyard that we hadn't been to before.  Went with a fellow blogger in the area who her and her husband are so much fun!  And their daughter is way cute!  Here is a pic of Tom and the boys that day.  Liam does have an odd expression on his face in this pic.

I started working out again last night, so I'm feeling pleasantly sore.  I'm doing the P90X and I'm working on getting my good friend to be my coach on the Beachbody website.  So things are going very very well.


Anonymous said…
We had fun at the corn maze/winery too! A winery that has a playground set is a hit in my book. Go Phoebe w/her braces!
Anonymous said…
yea! fun times. good job for working out again. i'm doing the fitocracy. it's fun. helps me kind of quantify my workouts, too!

great pics and happy 11th to little P!
You look amazing and those pictures of your family are great. I can't believe how big Phoebe is now!!

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