Snow in October!!! and Eating the Frogs

We got the earliest snows this year ever!!!  I don't ever remember it snowing in Philadelphia in October. Maybe a freak snow late in March, but never this early.  Here's some views from our back deck.  

I was very motivated today.  As Marcia would say, I ate a lot of frogs. But oh, they tasted so good!!!!  The saying means to do the biggest, most important stuff you need to do in the day.  Today I did the following:
  • Cleaned the kitchen very good, including kitchen appliances wiped down, the inside of the microwave, the top of the stove, and I mopped the floor.
  • Drove Tom to the train station.  He's opening a new office in NYC in the morning.  He'll be back for trick or treating in the afternoon.
  • Vacuumed and shampooed all the carpets on the second floor and the back staircase.  I am sorry to say it was the first time ever since we moved in 2006.  They look awesome!
  • Did the same to the living room where the boys play.  I swear, I shampoo that carpet every 3 months!!!
  • Baked carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing for my team at work tomorrow.  We've been working very hard lately, and I thought some treats were in order.  I had some batter left over and made some mini cupcakes for the boys and the rest of us.  I just didn't put any icing on those.  We can choose to later or give the boys ones without.  They'll love them just the same.
So now I'm just relaxing with a glass of white Bordeaux wine and catching up on blogs.  Tomorrow, I plan to eat many a frog before I get to dress up as a pirate and take my two dinosaurs and my Big Brother humilitard-wearing daughter (that's her costume she made)


cat said…
Beautiful snow and gosh, yes m, you did get a lot done.
I love the snow.

I read somewhere someone said, "it's going to be a long winter". The heat waves started in SA so soon we've all been saying, "it's going to be a long summer" LOL

Gosh, that's a lot of work -plenty of frogs.

Speaking of which, I need to get home and tackle some of mine... :)
Deanna said…
Yay for a productive weekend! Jeremy and I got a lot done around the house on Saturday while the girls were at his mom's. It feels so much better to have it done for awhile.

The snow is crazy! I hope we get a bit here in Alabama again, but not yet!! : )
Martha (MM) said…
Thanks for stopping by The Motivation Station today. Have fun tonight. Happy Halloween!

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