Awesome Toddler Pics and Au Gratin Potatoes

I got some good pics of the boys over the past weekend.  Enjoy!

Tommy with all his cuteness...

 Here's the boys eating lunch one day this weekend!

Cutie Liam!!!

Tommy saying "Cheese" and showing us his chipped tooth!

Here's the boys outside getting ready to play with their ball.

Boys kicking the ball with Daddy

Liam showing us his best Primal Scream, as he is allowed to do that outside!

I also made Au Gratin Potatoes last night and they were so yummy.  After seeing this recipe on Dinner A Love Story for this, I was in such a mood for it.  I can now remember this recipe by heart, as it is so easy!!!!  Here's how it looked:


LOVE Tommy's primal scream :) And I saw your 2nd comment on Deanna's blog - can't wait to see that video!

Your boys are SOO Cute these days - thank goodness I arranged the marriage with Kendra long ago LOL

And yummy potatoes - anything potato is good for me.
cat said…
Oh I so want some potatoes right now! Cute pics.

And I have tagged you on my blog.
Carrie Ann said…
They are so adorable and I am jealous that they still sit nicely in a high chair at home!

Those potatoes look great and I am sure they were awesome.

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