Meme Time

I've been Meme tagged by Cat and I'm going to try to get this one done real quick, so I don't feel that I forget to do it.  I'm usually notoriously bad at getting back to these.

The 11 questions I want answered:

  1. Name the one product in your kitchen you can not function without.  Olive oil if we are talking food product.  My Kitchen Aid mixer if we are talking about a prep product.
  2. If you can change your career decision, what would you like to be (disregard training, money etc-  this is a dream job).  This is easy, but I pick two. A high-school math teacher and a yoga teacher.
  3. What is your favorite toy (as in gadget, craft item, etc).  My daugher's iPad.  It's even better than my iPhone.
  4. What is your favorite book of all times? (or just choose one for now)  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
  5.  If you could give your 16 year old self one bit of advice only, what would it be?  - It will all be OK.
  6. Chocolate or vanilla cake? And specifically what type.  Chocolate, although my real favorite is carrot cake with real cream cheese icing.
  7. Meat, fish or chicken?  Fish! Especially salmon or tuna
  8. On what would you spend R300 or 40US$ or the equivalent thereof as a spoil for yourself? A massage.
  9. Which building in the whole wide world do you think is beautiful or have captured your attention? My favorite building is the Fine Arts Library on the University of Pennsylvania's campus.  It's by Frank Furness who I think was a fabulous architect.  This building was shown as a   law library in the movie Philadelphia.  This building is beautiful inside as well as outside.

  1. If you could go on a dream holiday right now, no costs spared, to which one destination will you go and who will you take along? (no world tours allowed - one destination).  Rome, Italy
  2. If you were a flower, which one will you be. And why?  A Chrysanthemum.  They are by far my favorite flower. 
Well, my putting in the picture messed up the numbers, but you get the idea.  I'm going to get a pass on tagging for the next round, as I have to go bug my husband to stop working so we can leave for the wake of my grandfather.



cat said…
Thanks for playing along. And Rome, what a city.
Martha said…
seussgirl said…
How fun!
I went to college "next door" to Penn. :)
Does a cruise count as a one destination vacation? I would choose an Alaskan cruise, or Hawaii. I would take my family and a good friend who just lost her job.
I would be a tulip, because they are my favorite pretty flower, or a daisy, because I think they make people happy. :)
I usually prefer white cake over chocolate if it is nice and moist. I had a white chocolate raspberry cake recently that was amazing!
That was fun!
I love that building!

Olive oil...for sure.

I'm off to concentrate on your word verification!'s so HARD!
Carrie Ann said…
I just saw your post-surgery pic and you are a beautiful mama! You're a hottie! I knew that already, but it looks great!

Your boys are getting so big! Where did the time go?

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