Word for 2012 - ACTION

My word last year, if I never posted it was "Dream".  I wanted to dream about all the great things I wanted to do in the future, now that my dream of having a complete family was realized.  Last year was about dreaming about what was next.  This year's word is Action!  It's time to take action on what I've dreamed up last year.  When DH and I talked he suggested "Execute", but that has such a work ring to it, I'm not a fan.  Action is really resonating with me though. 

I've already started working with this word.  I've been taking lots of action both at work and home.  My surgery alone is an example of taking action that I've been wanting for quite some time.  Now I'm off to look at my to do lists that I've been keeping track of and seeing what's next for me to take action on.


cat said…
That's a great word for the year.
Love your word too! Mandy's is also ACTION :)

I love how you both put it in caps!!!

I'm adding you to my to check on list right now...
Mandy said…
Marcia beat me to it! I love it!

I've talked, planned, and dreamed for far too long. This year is all about ACTION!
April said…
great word!!! it can apply to so much, you know! :)

how are you recovering? feeling totally back to normal yet? or your NEW normal!! :)

Trace said…
Jameson calls that "corporate speak" since that's one of the terms they use: "action items". ;-). You go girl!

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