Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!!!  I'm feeling very blessed in love this Valentine's Day.  Can't believe DH and I are still so happy in love!!!  I also got to drive Phoebe to school today, as she did a great job making sure her bed was made and laundry in the hamper, but we realized at the bus stop that she forgot to grab her Valentine's Day cards before we left the house.  So we went back to the house and I drove her to school.  It was nice spending the extra time with her this morning.  She's in 5th grade and that's only the second time I've ever done the drop off line in the morning.

Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been off taking Action very seriously.  Here's some of the things I've done recently:

  • Made an appointment with a vascular surgeon about my varicose vein on the back of my right leg
  • Made appointments for Phoebe to have her HPV shots
  • Had a culposcopy done because I've been HPV positive two years in a row.  Let me tell you, if you haven't ever had this done - you don't want it!
  • Called the preschool the boys are going to in September and got them on the roster to start full time then.
  • Got another elliptical machine so DH and I can work out together!!!  It also arrived today, which is why I'm working from home and I could afford to drive Phoebe to school.
  • And I'm sure tons of other stuff that I'm forgetting right now.
  • And lots of great stuff at work that aren't worth mentioning.  But I did get a great document done today for work that I'm very proud of and I had to call some people to talk about how proud I am for pulling that together! No one asked me to put this together and I think it will help so many people at work!
On my recovery from surgery back on Jan 5, I'm doing great!  Today was the first day I could wear jeans without any compression garment on underneath.  And it doesn't hurt!  I will still say that the tummy tuck was the hardest to recover from.  I can also feel the movement of the muscles where my breasts are and that feels kind of odd, but the doctor says that will become less noticeable over time.  I'm currently cleared to begin using the elliptical again.  The doctor still does not want me to do any abs or upper body strengthening exercises yet. 

I will also say I'm very happy with how I look.  At first my breasts were pretty swollen and much bigger than what they are turning out to be, and I was scared they would stay that way.  But after a month post-surgery, they are looking very nice, natural and what I wanted them to look like.


wow, Heather, you're doing an awesome job!

And I can't believe it's a month already since the surgery. And you're in jeans - I would DEARLY love to see some pics (even if you just mail me LOL)

Yes, you need to be proud of your work thing. I said before on the blog but I say at the end of the day, "Marcia! you did good work today" because if we don't, who will??? :)

tell me more about the boys' school. What's happening to Niki?
cat said…
Wow, you are doing so well. And great on getting all that done.
Carrie Ann said…
Great that you are feeling better! I wish I had the gutts to get a tummy tuck!! I was HPV positive back in college and had the colposcopy - ugh. The good news is that it somehow went away after 2 years. Smart to get Phoebe the shot - wish I had one - it would have saved me lots of grief!
Yeah! Amazing job recovering.... that's awesome!

And for powering through things. That's awesome. You rock!!


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