Anastasia, Phoebe's Tooth Fairy

Phoebe lost her two bottom front teeth, one today and one yesterday. She was so excited about losing the first one yesterday she had more energy than usual. One of her new friend's at the new neighborhood told us that there are several tooth fairies and that you get assigned one. Her's is Genivieve. We found out from the note that Phoebe's tooth fairy left that her name is Anastasia. Such a lovely fairy name isn't it? Anastasia left her the note and a Sacagawea dollar coin to start a coin collection.

Tonight Phoebe put the second tooth under her pillow with a letter for Anastasia. One of the things she asked in the letter was where she lives. Phoebe told us in the car ride back from getting ice cream that she wanted to visit her Tooth Fairy. I told her that I thought she lived in Neverland with her friend Tinkerbell, as her new friend says the Tooth Fairies and Tinkerbell are all good friends. Phoebe replied, "Mom, Tinkerbell is not real. She's just from Disney. The Tooth Fairy is real."

I have to post a picture of Phoebe with no bottom front teeth. Just in time too. Our dentist appts are on Wednesday this week. Considering how much the adult teeth have already come in behind where the baby teeth were, I thought the dentist would pull them. Thank God Phoebe saved me some money.


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Too cute!
Emily aka madmommy

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