You're PG...Great I'm Not!

So I'm getting good at hearing the news that others in my life are pregnant for the thousandth child while I'm still looking for a second child and maybe my first without at RE involved. On Sunday, my BIL called and talked to DH. His wife is pregnant, with their third child no less. I think I took the news very well, other than the thoughts in my head of "why not me?" As well as thinking who else is left in my life to say their pregnant like the lady who sits next to me or my hairdresser, because at this point, Phoebe now has 3 more first cousins that will born in the next 9 months. The next of which is in about two weeks. At least I'll have more babies to hold until they start crying.... It is nice to give them back when they cry.


Iconoclast said…
I wish you be a mother to a cute kid soon one gets more than what he or she deserves and not before that person is destined ...does that make you feel better :/ ?
chris said…
Ugh. I just saw your comment on my blog. Three pregnant SILs? That's overkill, plain and simple.
cat said…
That's a triple pregger threat damn it, that is too much. Feeling your pain.
Anonymous said…
I do so hope you're next,Heather.
Emily aka madmommy
OY!!! I know how you feel!!!!

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