Infertiles Rock!

I just got back from my regular physical appointment with my PCP. I love this woman! I want her to be my best friend, or at least let me stalk her. Other than their practice being very efficient and on time, she is the most personable woman I know. We both about the same age, maybe she's about 5 years older than me, obviously she is a woman, but she is so cool! Why? Both her kids are from IVF. She doesn't hide it. She knows it's frustrating. She asks all kinds of questions around your life, stress, mental state, etc. We talked about how we gave up on conventional infertility treatments, got a dog, and I'm now seeing an acupuncturist. She totally understood, how cool is that??? She also agreed that the dog was important, as she got a puppy when they found out they needed to go the IVF route. So basically, I want my PCP to be my best friend because she's another rocking infertile, as we all are.

I think also as she's a mom. One of the things we talked about moving and Phoebe going to kindergarten next year is she was talking about networking with other moms, and how important it is for us to all support each other. How cool is that!

So if anyone in Northern DE is looking for a cool primary doctor, send me an email and I'll send her info to you!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you have an awesome Dr.Emily aka madmommy
Karen said…
So great that you have a doctor you like. Our doctor's wife suffered two miscarriages before having their children, so I always feel like he "gets" it too.

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