Flash Has Arrived!

Dylan Thomas (aka Flash), my new nephew, was born via cesearean section on Saturday afternoon. He was 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Both Mom (my SIL) and baby are doing well.

I went and stayed overnight at the hospital with the rest of the family on Friday night after her water broke at 8 PM, but quite a few of us left on Saturday morning as she was only at 2 cm dilated by 10 AM. Many went back in time, but I waited for Tom to come back from school later in the afternoon so we would only have one car in NJ.

On other news, the Melting Pot was awesome. Had one fantastic glass of white wine (had to drive to NJ to take Phoebe to her cousin's anyway and always hold out hope to be PG) and the food was wonderful! We didn't have dessert as we were so full already! Had Wisconsin cheese fondue to start, mixed green salad with walnut raspberry vinegrette dressing, and then the coq a vin fondue with surf n turf and the regular combination platter.

Had a good (quiet) cry on the way driving to NJ. Couldn't help it. It made me feel a lot better though. And music helps your child in the backseat not know that mommy is upset about anything. I tried to relax, but when I did, it just made it all come out.

I saw a hopeful sign this morning. My temp jumped really high. The first time it's ever been over 98.6 for a BBT. Could this be the triphastic temperature chart I've been looking for all my life!!!! I'll let you know if it continues tomorrow. If it keeps it up, I'll try to POAS on Thursday morning as I have an acupuncture meeting then. That would make Naixin's day! Mine as well.


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Kati said…
I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and thought I say a quick hello. I'm in a similar boat as you are with endometriosis and secondary infertility, but I am just starting down the RE road. I tried acupuncture/herbs before and though I will continue, IVF may be in my future. Not something I am looking forward to.

Good luck with this cycle!
Karen said…
Congrats on your new nephpew and on that very promising temperature rise! Everything crossed for you.
cat said…
Booooo to blogspam sorry they found you.

Thinking good thoughts for you this cycle. Welcome Flash. :)
Anonymous said…
Good luck!
Emily aka madmommy
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