Stressed to the Max!

I know, not good for fertility, but can't be helped. We've got a lot going on in our little world. So to give you an update on what I've been up to here's a strange stream of consiousness. Saturday, we went to my boss's house and I bought a relatively new spare washer and dryer from him. Mt. Washmore began to come tumbling down after my DH and BIL hooked it up that afternoon. Sunday, went to in-laws to see the new baby. He is pretty cute. And to pick up my munchkin who had been spoiled by her grandparents for a week! Monday and Tuesday, Tom and I were both supposed to be off work, so he could finish the taping and spackling of the drywall in the soon-to-be-finished basement. I was to finish painting and get caught up on assorted appointments we needed to take care of (calling an installer for the basement carpeting we picked out, making appt to order blinds for the front rooms of the current house, rescheduling appt with the landscaper for the new house, calling to schedule DD's birthday party at the local ice skating rink, this list goes on forever!) Anyway, Tom ended up working both days, for something new for one boss, while he also needed to get budgets together for the other boss, and homework to get done for school. I'm pleased to say I got caught up on a lot of stuff at home, including our house being cleaner than it's been in a long while (thank you, Flylady!). Wednesday, we both officially went back to work, but we had to leave early to sign a Change Order at the new house to move the fireplace in the family room to a new wall (cause it makes more sense there), get rid of a strange extra closet in the master bedroom and make it a sitting area for the guest room (it has a window!), and move the door for the guest room closet. After the Change Order signing, we had to go order those blinds I made the appt for. Thursday (yesterday), Tom was out of town for work; he took the train to NYC and from there White Plains. I worked and left on time to go procure ourselves some much needed groceries. Today I'm trying to leave a little early as I'm taking Phoebe to get a practice dress for ice skating as I promised. She's really been doing a great job in class and enjoys it immensely. We're discussing private lessons too, but I don't want to make it too serious for her unless she wants it to be. I'll also be going to NJ tonight to pick up one of my SILs to come and stay with us for the weekend/or the week, we haven't decided which yet. Tom's in classes until Saturday evening.

Let's hope next week is a little quieter!!!


cat said…
Oh my... wishing you a much mellower week to come.
Fabgirl said…
Holy crap! Busy much? LOL!:-) Hope things slow down for you soon, especially to leave time to BD!

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