Being Hopeful

The other shoe dropped this morning. My friend who sits next to me is pregnant with her second child. She found out over the weekend. She got pregnant with her first when I was seeing the RE. We were doing our 2nd round of IVF when she had her baby. It was an oops baby. Not that her DD was unwanted though, she really is the cutest little baby. I showed the appropriate amount of happiness for her and promised not to tell anyone (but I will tell DH tonight, but that doesn't count). She's not one of those naive women that will announce to the world the instant she has a positive POAS. She's told some of her family members and me. We tell each other this stuff and she knows what I'm going through, so she's very sensitive to that. So all in all, I'm happy for her.

In other events, I need to post some pics of the building of the new house. They framed the rear walkout area of the basement and are starting to put in the support beams in the basement to support the top structure. V exciting!

We got the drywall up in the basement of our current house. Tom's brother, wife, and two kids came by on Saturday so his brother could help bring the sheetrock to the house in his truck and start getting it all up. They did about 85% of the hanging. I helped Tom with the remaining 15% and some electrical work on Sunday. It was some of the more intracate work, so we worked from 9 AM to 5 PM, ouch! On Saturday, when "the boys" were working in the basement, I painted the trim in the kitchen while SIL was getting ready for the class she teaches at the local college. The kids were playing C-section. Ha ha. Not that I've ever had one, but SIL had them for both kids. She's the one that's 6 weeks along with her third and has told everyone. I guess she explained C-sections to her kids. It was funny to listen to. Later I talked to Phoebe a little more about having babies and told her I didn't have an operation to have her.

"Well, how did I come out?"

"You came out my vagina."

"Ewwww, I came out your butt!"

"Not quite. When you're older I'll let you watch it on videotape if you want."

I'm curious to know what she might end up saying at school. Hope I don't get any strange notes from the teacher about new games Phoebe is teaching her classmates in Home Living (this is the area of toys for playing house).

On another note, Phoebe was an angel on Sunday while we were working in the basement. She had a Pajama Day until we got dressed to look at the new house at 5 PM, worked on some arts and crafts in the living room while watching cartoons. She made herself a calendar to be just like me. Is that too cute or what?

Almost forgot about today's title. We're very hopeful this month. I ovulated on Day 15 this month. This is much better than my usual Day 12. Tom's been home, so we've been having lots of "quality time." The two-week wait starts today. Wish us luck.


Monica said…
I'm glad you're feeling hopeful - lots of luck this month.
cat said…
LOL... "Ewwww, I came out your butt!"

From the mouths of babes.
BillieS said…
I do wish you good luck. Can just barely imagine what you are going thru...old story and not worth getting into.
"I came out your butt!" too, too funny.
Anonymous said…
Crossing my fingers that this is the magical month.
Emily aka madmommy

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