Testing Warning

OK, all. I'm coming clean now. I'll be doing the ol' POAS tomorrow AM. I'll be 11 DPO. So while I'm doing a prayer to all creation tonight, please do the same, or at least keep all your bits crossed for me.

Usually I'm not an early tester, but I'm telling myself to do this as I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow and I'd like to be able to give her good news if I can. Am I fooling anyone here? Really I'm just getting really impatient at this point and I'd like to have good news myself as early as possible.

Of course I'm noticing every possible phantom pregnancy symptom: being tired, is my tummy upset?, my gums were bleeding when I flossed my teeth. Yup, I'm going certifiable.


BillieS said…
Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Thinking of you, Heather... sending best wishes your way.
Karen said…
Everything crossed for you. Give Fact Plus early test a try!
Fabgirl said…
Oh my goodness, I feel the agony of waiting too. I know it is dumb, but I've been checking my tempts on the off chance that MAYBE something will happen again.
I'll be thinking of you...
cat said…
I hope the "phantom symptoms" turn out to be the genuine article. Good luck today thinking of you.

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