Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day! The temp is currently 79 and we're driving to NJ right now to put our niece on our phone plan since we have minutes to spare. She's graduating high school this June. We're also going to stop by one of Tom's brother's house to see our new niece that was born this week. I know I forgot to mention here. I guess I'm getting immune with all the babies that are due lately I just don't seem to find that exciting anymore, other than K & G's baby due this fall.

We are really enjoying the kitchen at the new house. We had strawberry crepes for breakfast. I haven't made crepes since before Tom and I were married and we lived in Philly. I still had good wrist action and they turned out great. Tom also made a fantastic cream cheese filling with stawberries. Very tasty.


Moo Moo said…
can u send some strawberry crepes my way? sounds heavenly!

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