Please Don't Talk on Cell Phone in Ladies Room

To the person who was talkingon their cell phone in the ladies room:

I have realized today that I cannot pee when you are talking on your cell phone in the ladies room. Considering that I can hold an entire conversation with another live person (live as not on phone not opposite of dead) while in the ladies, I do not have issues of talking while peeing. I just think it's rude to talk on the phone when there, and I cannot pee knowing you are having a personal conversation with someone I don't know who can hear me if I manage to pee. I left the ladies on my floor and went to the one on the floor below. BTW, I also washed my hands in both ladies' rooms, so they are very clean now.

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Amen sister! I was on the phone to a friend recently when I heard a flush and I was like, " in the bathroom? Because if do not have my permission to bring me into your stall." Just how busy are these people?

Crystal said…
That's true. Cell phones are taking over the world. It's obnoxious.
lol. I had the SAME thing happen not too long ago. I couldn't believe. Phones and the bathroom should NEVER mix.

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